Performing under stress is a required executive skill

"Executives that learn to use the same processes and behaviors as world class athletes tend to deliver consistently and have the highest performing teams." - Dr. Morris Pickens

How you think and manage stress...matters!

In todays high pressure, high stress environment executives must act, and it must be with confidence.  Dr. Morris Pickens (Dr. Mo) - Executive Coach and Sport Psychologist, discusses why using the same processes and disciplines that world class athletes utilize  can relate directly to the improvement or your executive team or overall business performance.

Why It Works (video)

How you manage the process...matters!

We are great at coaching and how it ties directly to improved performance  with executive teams.  John Flood, Executive Coach and Founder, shares how combining Dr. Mo's expertise in analysis and coaching of executive teams, and his extensive experience in managing executive teams is a perfect blend to drive the results you need.

Our Process (video)

Our Process Works

Dr. Mo has experience coaching athletes to excel under the most extreme conditions.  In observing executives and their teams, he realized that business leaders face many of the same pressures as the world-class golfers he has coached that have won 4 Major Golf Championships and 27 PGA Tour victories.  Dr. Mo adapted these processes and has proven that executives who adopt and use these same disciplines achieve enhanced personal satisfaction and improved business performance.

At elevate., he partners with John Flood, a seasoned executive with 38 years of business experience coaching teams and developing strategy, execution and performance plans for both public and private organizations.  At elevate. we leverage our deep understanding of the boardroom, the pressures you face, and your absolute need to deliver and continuously grow your organizations profitability, without compromising your culture.

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Stewart Cink - British Open Champion, Zach Johnson - Masters and British Open Champion, Lucas Glover - US Open Champion
The Masters, US Open and British Open! Each champion, coached by Dr. Morris Pickens, used many of the same disciplines we use in coaching executive talent.

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