Engaged to initially inspire and coach, the relationship with Coburn Ventures is now into its 4th year.  Pip Coburn has found that working with Dr. Mo not only has improved his teams performance, but has enhanced the business relationships with many of their clients, where Dr. Mo often comes alongside to conduct special sessions that Coburn sponsors.

"The greatest investors always keep learning and reflecting on their mistakes and their improvements to come.  But they are exceptionally discriminating.  Within ten minutes Mo had them all comfortable and in an open-minded space to consider new approaches that he uses with his PGA clients but which apply across many high-level professions.  What stood out the most to me was his understanding of pressure and emotions, and how these affect performance, regardless of the situation or the profession involved.  The day led to very practical results and individual changes, and because of that initial 3-hour session, we have continued to utilize Mo as an on-going part of our development process."- Pip Coburn, CEO

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Hugh Roth from PepsiCo shares why engaging with elevate. makes sense and can help transform executive teams.

Why elevate. (video)

Engaged for a 1.5 hour keynote speech on "How to Build Trust With Your Clients".  The target audience included 150 "rising leaders" within RSM as part of an overall 3-day conference rewarding and honoring their accomplishments.

"Dr. Mo's anecdotes and practical ideas helped them see how they could enhance their skills to be first-choice advisors to their clients.  His presentation was an entertaining, humorous and engaging way to wrap up this leadership experience." 

-Sara Webber Laczo, Principal, Corporate Communications


Facilitated an afternoon and working dinner session with a lead executive and three of his Vice Presidents.  Reviewed and discussed options and recommended changes that could be implemented to improve performance within each sector.  Using a "guided/focused" brainstorming activity to generate 3-5 actionable items for each VP to consider implementing with their teams.

Using a professional golfer's "team" (coach, caddie, trainer, sports psychologist, wife, etc.) as the example, we discussed what everyone's role was, what the communication amongst all needed to be like, how to navigate differences of opinion and various other topics.  It was very helpful in establishing the right mindset to keep the company as the #1 priority for all involved."

- Greg Voetsch, Former Head of Equity Capital Markets

Focusing on the development of 6 key executives responsible for Milliken's Research and Development needs, Dr. Mo's focus was twofold; how these individuals could best work together to streamline communication and share best practices across their respective areas for the betterment of the company, and how to coach the executives reporting to them on how to best lead their respective teams.




"Dr. Mo led and all-day offsite for the leadership team of our corporate R&D organization.  It was an engaging and helpful session.  We chose a chalk-talk format which resulted in a highly interactive day.  Dr. Mo's experience with coaching PGA level talent was both relevant and actionable in helping our leadership team identify areas for improvement in our organization.  Perhaps our most enduring lessons were related to becoming a trusted resource to our business partners and customers."

- Jeff Lane, Milliken Research (formerly)